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Machines | REKMA-Trading, spol. s r.o.

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CRAFCO is the only company in the world, which produces materials for surface repairs and maintenance as well as machines to its application. Due to its more than 30 year old experiences and constant innovations is the CRAFCO equipment at the highest level of quality, performance and the user comfort. Thanks to this CRAFCO offers a complete system for the pavement repairs and maintenance, you have everything from one place with the certainty that everything works like it should.

CRAFCO sealant melters offer an unbeatable fastest heat up time of the material to the application temperature, minimal demand on maintenance and cleaning, high daily performance and safety. Fully automated control makes the operation easier, moreover it ensures the right use of the machine and it rises the safety. Just set up the desired temperature and the machine starts to heat the transfer oil in order to heat the material, patented electric heated hose and wand. When the temperature of the material reaches the desired temperature the material agitation starts. Also when the hose reaches the desired temperature the pump starts up and it is possible to start the work. Thus it avoids the application of the material in a lower temperature than it is prescribed and also it avoids the pump or agitator damage. Thanks to low-voltage (12V) heated hose and wand, the material can not freeze up and thus it is not necessary to clean the hose with the compressor in each pause. It is not necessary to heat the hose on the grate. The machines have other safety components such as agitator stop when opening the loading lid – splash-proof lid, so the material does not spill out and the operator does not burn. The material loading is solved easier – the material and the plastic wrap is taken out of the box, put on the open loading lid and then the whole lid is closed and the material falls into the tank without the risk for the operator. We supply the machines also in the variant with an efficient compressor, which is not assigned for cleaning the hose, but for cleaning the cracks and joints with the compressed air, or for drying the cracks and joints with the hot-air lancet. The machines can be supplied on a trailer, on a trailer with self-propelled variant or only “skid mount” – without the trailer on a steel plate so it can be used on the load space of car.

CRAFCO melters are available in several sizes due to the customer needs:

  • mini melters Mini 10 and Mini 30 (37 and 110 liters)
  • SuperShot melters with heated hose: SuperShot 60 (227 liters), SuperShot 125 (473 liters)
  • EZ 500 melters (500 liters) with the possibility of heated and unheated hose

CRAFCO Pavement Cutter 200 is being produced for more than 30 years, whereas it has still the position of world’s best selling pavement cutter. It is a simple powerful machine routing the cracks in asphalt as well as concrete surfaces, and the width and depth of the cut can be regulated. The easy operation, long life and high daily performance make the Pavement Cutter the best choice for the cracks preparation.

Patching products melter PATCHER is a powerful melter of hot applied mixtures with aggregate. The material is heated by the transfer oil in the tank with the diesel burner and is mixed by a horizontally mounted internal shaft with sweep paddles. The patching material is heated up to 2 hours and due to its constant mixing is the aggregate perfectly covered and the final mix is homogenous. Patcher is ideal for the elastic bridge joints construction, pothole repairs, fiber repairs, thin layer repairs, poured asphalt preparation etc. It is supplied in two variants: Patcher I has 1 ton capacity and Patcher II has 2 tons capacity. 


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